Ruby Rose's Beauty Secrets Are Surprisingly Simple

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As if we needed another reason to love Ruby Rose!

The Orange Is the New Black Star always looks flawless and we were dying to know what it takes to walk out of the house looking like that every day. Fortunately, she shared her secrets and they're incredibly simple.

In an interview with The Coveteur (via Bustle), Ruby revealed her beauty routine and unlike some other celeb beauty regimens that require major time and money, Ruby's is something we could totally start doing - like today!

First, she's a big fan of face masks. More specifically, she tells them that she likes "the SK-II masks that make you look like you're from Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Oh yeah, we know those very well! They're about $135 at Sephora for a package of 10. Or, if you just want to try without making a huge investment, you can snag yourself a single mask for $17. She's also a big fan of fan Grown Alchemist's spray and moisturizer and uses Kiehl's eye cream after flights. Noted!

On the extra easy bonus stuff: Ruby says she's OCD about keeping her face out of the sun, so that's a free and easy one that we can all do. And the last thing, which you're probably already doing: Ruby always has a bottle in her purse. There are a million and one reasons why drinking water is good for you, so if you're not doing it for your skin or some other beauty-related reason, do it for your health. The beauty benefits will just be icing on the cake!

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