Zayn Malik Explains Faded One Direction 'Bus 1' Tattoo

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Zayn Malik has been spotted at a couple of different events at Paris Fashion Week, so it's no surprise that fans have been giving him a thorough stare-down and discovered something concerning in the process. One of his tattoos is becoming so faded that many wondered if he's working on having it removed.

Fans were understandably concerned that he was erasing a One Direction-related tattoo – you know the matching 'Bus 1' ink he and Louis Tomlinson both got? A discussion started on Twitter and, surprisingly, Zayn let fans know what's up with the ink.

In response to one fan's comment that Zayn is working on getting it removed, another faithful Zayn fan commented, "Maybe he didn't get it retouched and it's fading?"

Zayn confirmed that's exactly what happened, writing: "@leighadeisreal that's correct x"

Phew! We were worried that Zayn was trying to erase memories of the band that made him famous...and given Zayn and Louis' recent beef, many wondered if he wanted to ditch the matching tattoo.
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