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15 Reasons Why We NEED a 'Clueless' Musical

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1. Because there's gotta be a reason why we can't get THAT song out of our heads

2. Because Clueless continues to give us sound dating advice ...10 years later!

3. Because everyone wants to see this guy go DOWN, and what better way than on a live stage?

4. Because it's been waaaay too long since we've seen these bad boys

5. Because friendship! With Music! And DANCING!

6. Because doesn't she just LOOK like she can belt out a show tune?

7. Because "As If!" toootally needs its own song

8. Because, in this day and age, confidence needs to be remembered

9. As does the importance of learning how to dance to the beat of your own drum

10. Because there'll be a makeover sequence! On BROADWAY!

11. Because Christian NEEDS to have his own musical number

12. Because an incredible singing voice is the only thing we can think of that would make Josh EVEN MORE PERFECT

13. Because we all want to see if this scene makes it on stage or in a song (and how hilarious it will be)

14. Because wasn't this scene just MADE for a musical?

15. Because the '90s gave us life, and Clueless WAS the '90s, and...oh, who are we kidding? Who needs reasons? There's going to be a Clueless musical, y'all! Count us in!
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