This Web Browser Could Take Down Facebook

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Ask yourself where you get all of your news. I bet a majority of you will say, "Facebook." Some people have a problem with the way Facebook distributes news, claiming it's too biased and doesn't stretch beyond what Facebook deems as valuable to users. For those of you that aren't a nerd like me, you may not know that newsfeeds on Facebook and other social sites are generated from algorithms. These algorithms are fancy-schmancy formulas that help fill your newsfeed with riveting topics like this:

Magic ****

Posted by Colton Haynes on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Personally, I'm fine with the fact that Facebook's algorithm prompts me to watch videos of Colton Haynes dancing Magic Mike style, but that's just me. Uber-genius Web browser developer Werner Hansen begs to differ and decided to build an app called Kite. Kite is built for sharing articles based on user interest, as opposed to a platform's pre-determined set of sources and topics. Blogger John Brownlee compared it to an Instagram feed, but for news articles.

You can create your dashboard of news to share, all with articles based on your own interests. The site is designed on the premise that users want news from things they personally find interesting, not what Facebook thinks they should read. Want to follow news based on what Kylie Jenner is browsing? This browser app can provide that. Kite's user interface is trying to create it's own brand, too, using emojis for sharing to other sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Basically, Kite aims to be the cool kid's newsfeed, providing social recommendations solely based on who you follow. What do you think - will you try out Kite? You can download Kite from the App Store today.


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