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The Pick-Me-Up You Need Post Break-up

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He is gone; get it straight. Yes, yes. We have all been in that phase of falling crazily in love and getting out of it makes us even crazier. Girls, you are done with crying over his male ego and waiting for his replies. It's time to move on, and by moving on, I don't mean to the next guy. Instead, rediscover, replenish, re-enjoy and rejuvenate.

Lift your head up, princess. Your crown is falling.

Enough of craziness, crying and grumbling over one guy. Stop yourself from falling into the dumpster of stupidity. Stop and ask yourself, do you deserve this - this pain, suffering and turmoil of emotions that rips your heart and makes your ribs feel on fire? And all this for what? Because you thought you loved him? And all this for whom? The one who doesn't even care to reply to your texts? Do you remember that best friend from childhood or that dog you had or that middle school crush or yours? THEY'RE GONE. Today, you might smile at their memory, but you surely wouldn't cry. You have simply made peace with it.

Problems are faced by everyone, big and small. The beauty of solving them is the courage you show while dealing with them. Slow down, and examine if this is even worth it. Don't let the past cling so tightly to your body that it isn't ever able to release itself for the future. You might carry your past like you carry your shadow, but don't let the darkness blindfold you on your way back home. He has been here, and now he is not. SO WHAT? Calculating the loss doesn't make you any profit. Profits are made by recalculating what you are left with and exhausting them to full potential.

You are not wrong, my girl, just because you had to apologize for things you never did. You were angelic to have taken the guilt on your head to continue with him. You are not low on self esteem; he had useless amount of ego.You are not tiny because his body was more powerful over yours. You are not "unworthy" just because he left you. He is unworthy and unlucky to not have you in his life right now.
He is gonna miss you or at least remember you.

You too might remember him as a pleasant memory just like the one of your best friend, dog or crush. But don't let the grief of missing him drive you to the edge of a well that's full of fire but shows water. Don't jump in the well of misery. Get up, girl; show him the door.

Go out chilling with your girlfriends; it's high time to start hanging out with them again. Put on your favorite dress; get on-fleek hair. See yourself differently: Get a new hair color, haircut, new nail color.
Do what you've always wanted to do: guitar classes, learning new dance form, take a road trip, anything satisfy your tummy. Now that the one who wanted flat belly is gone, go out and have everything you've craved because of dieting: ice cream, chocolate, burgers and pizza.

Some days can be chat days. Reshuffle your playlist: Listen to happy music, don't mind grooving. Pamper yourself: Go to the spa and get a massage and manicure. Most importantly, add shopping to your list! The world is waiting for you: Post a selfie and be cosseted by the number of likes.

The sky is your limit: Stop compromising with land. Paint your life as a beautiful picture and make it the most colorful. Don't hand over the switch of your happiness to someone else who might switch it off and forget to switch it on. Make sure to set absolutely no boundaries for yourself. Dance over the demons, baby! That's what you are made for. Your tears are precious jewels; stop wasting them for ones who don't even know their worth, deserving them is whole different thing.

Dress yourself up with ornaments of self love, happiness and content, and let him be hella jealous. You are single, girl. Enjoy your freedom!
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