Tyler Posey Wants His Ex-Fiance Back: "I'm Still in Love"

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Tyler Posey might be single, but, he's not exactly ready to mingle (sorry, ladies).

The Teen Wolf star, who split from his fiancé Seana Gorlick last year, still has the hots for his ex-ladylove (In fact, he said, "I want her"), but that doesn't mean he's ready to jump back into a relationship with her either.

While chatting with HuffPost Live about his experiences in relationships, Tyler got candid, saying, "I'm pretty single. And I think I'm going to remain single even if I don't want to be. I'm unstable in relationships. I change my mind too often. I think I'm still learning how to be in a relationship...there's too much stuff happening right now for me to hone in on taking care of a relationship."

"I just had a different idea of it before," he continued. "Like I wanted my relationship to be perfect, I didn't want to fight... and there's a lot of hard work that goes into taking care of a relationship, and I just didn't know that then."
2014 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsTyler and Seana sparked a ton of buzz when he popped the question to the make-up artist at just 21, with critics saying they were way too young to tie the knot. Now that they've split, it seems like Tyler is taking time to grow and mature, and that will only make him a better boyfriend when he decides to get back into a relationship again.

The actor added that he knows there are ups and downs in a relationship, but he "didn't really come to terms with that" while he was engaged to Seana. "I'm still in love with this girl, but I don't trust that I'm going to be there," he continued. "I just don't think that I can do that to her or me. It sucks, I don't want to be alone! I want her, but I'm just too unstable right now when it comes to that."

The next time he gets into a relationship, though, we may not see as much of it as we did before. When asked about how social media affected their relationship, Tyler said, "I think I got really excited to share my life with people. If it happens again I'm going to do it differently. It wasn't fair for my girl to be put through that. I was just excited at the time, you know, and she was too. But looking back, I should've kept it a little more low key."

Aside from Seana, Tyler was recently linked to Bella Thorne, but quickly shut down those rumors during the interview. "Oh no, definitely not dating, no, no, no," he said. "We're really good friends, and her boyfriend [Gregg Sulkin] is actually good friends with me, so we are definitely not dating."
2015 Los Angeles Film Festival - Premiere Of MTV And Dimension TV's "Scream"Whoever he does date next, though, is going to be one lucky girl.


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