Try Watching Justin Bieber Meet These Two Inspiring Fans Without Bawling

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Justin Bieber is totally not always a jerk. The singer actually gave everyone the feels like whoa after he met two, young Make-a-Wish fans the other day.

Thanks to a moving new video from Teen Vogue, we're able to get a glimpse of the Biebs' meeting with the 12-year-old girls at his private show Lucky Strike. Emma is a leukemia patient from Oxnard, Calif., who collects Bieber pajamas, posters, and cardboard cutouts, and is the epitome of a fangirl in love.

"Being a Belieber is like breathing. You just can't stop," she says. "And when you think you can't take it anymore, you just fall for him even harder."

Ilia suffers from idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis and constrictive bronchiolitis. She sleeps in Justin-adorned sheets and blankets and says he keeps her going when she's discouraged about being sick.

Needless to say, the moments when the girls finally meet Bieber face-to-face is everything. Sob-fest, anyone?

Justin tells Ilia, "I think you're really special. I just love being with you, I love spending time with you." But there are also the preciously funny moments, like when JB tells Emma, "You smell really good" to which she replies, "It's your perfume."

Check out the adorable clip below. Grab some tissues!
Watch Justin Bieber Meet Two Inspiring (and Adorable) Super Fans
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