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Do This If You're in a Relationship Rut

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It happened on a Tuesday night. I realized that maybe we were losing the spark. We'd been dating for seven months, and it just had become a habit to meet up in the evening after class and fill our stomachs with anything that fit our student budget. It had all became so wonted, so known, so expected.

I thought it would be fun to break the normal routine and do something that we could cherish for at least for a week thereafter. There is no harm in making the boyfriend also feel lucky SOMETIMES. I got up at 1 a.m. and called his roommate. I had a plan. I told him to get out of the room only after Sumit left, so that he can drop the keys under the doormat and that I would collect them and continue with my plan.

Sumit let for college at 8 a.m., I called up Joey, his classmate, and told him to take Sumit out to grab a beer or something, so that he leaves from college only after 2 p.m. At 1:30 p.m., I rang up Sumit and asked him to meet me at the coffee house near his flat. He was surprised to see me dressed in his favorite white dress. (When I wore for the first time, he said, "Don't buy a new wedding gown for our marriage, this would be perfect.") He did not fail to notice the necklace he gave me on our last one-month anniversary.

I could see it from his facial expressions, initially he was happy to get the special treatment but suddenly, I could see him anxiously calculating the calendar dates, thinking that maybe he had missed something important - my birthday, a special day, our anniversary or the day we met. But he sighed in relief when I told him, "Don't worry; we are good. You didn't forget anything."

We moved out to his car after having our favorite mocha coffee. I plugged in my pen drive, which had his favorite songs that I had downloaded overnight. This time, he was stunned. I dislike these songs so much that I never let him play them in the car with me. We then drove to his flat.

Now going back to 11 a.m., when Sumit was in his college and I was at his flat: I had to do some changes in his room, for good - though I was able to carry out my plan only after cleaning his room for an hour to make way for my surprise. I stretched out three strings of red colored ropes from one end of the right wall to the other and fastened it through bolts. Then, I took out the 20 best pictures from a collection of about 3,000 that we had clicked in the last seven months. We are self-obsessed, you see? I attached them to the top rope with clothespins. His wall now had a slideshow of the best memories we had ever created.

The second rope was used to hang his favorite snack. It had packets of Blue Lay's (chips), Dairy Milk Silk (chocolate) and jelly boxes. The third rope also had snacks; he is a big time foodie. What else but food can make him happy?

We entered the room, and he was happy to see what change I had brought to his room. His happiness was reflected in the 10-minute long kiss he applauded me with. My success in making him feel special made me feel special as well. But my surprise wasn't over yet. I then made him wait on the balcony for the next 15 minutes while I prepared instant noodles and cold coffee for him. His kitchen was also a mess! It was a difficult day, OK?

I switched off the lights, put on some music (this time, of my choice) and lit the whole room with candles. We enjoyed the candle-light lunch more than any other extravagant restaurant we had ever been to. We clicked some pictures. One of them can go on that wall of best memories. We will surely remember this day.
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