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6 Harsh Truths About High School

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When you are in middle school, you always wish you were a senior. Well, let me tell you, once you are in high school you cannot wear your dad's old sweatshirts. (Apparently, it makes you seem very uncool.) I still don't understand what the word "uncool" is. Why is it uncool to wear your reading glasses or wear a pair of sneakers instead of heels or flats? Why is uncool to wear jeans instead of shorts in summer?

High school is a place where kids who used to believe in unicorns and rainbows turn into judgmental adults - not exactly adults but they pretend to be one. High school is a place where you start thinking of what others think about you.

High school is mostly all about appearance and power. There are always the populars, the nerds, the geeks,the in-betweeners, etc., but remember that there is always one you. Nobody can be you other than you you. High school might be cliché, but you are not, so don't loose yourself in the process of impressing others. Live to express not to impress. If your high school is not cliché like I said, then thank God. I mean it. Thank Him. Because you are very lucky. Most of us, including me, had to go through stereotypical high school world.
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I wish someone had told me that...
  • High school sucks most of the time, but it surely had its moments (like when your teacher fell asleep during a test or when you skipped gym and didn't get caught).
  • Calculus is more difficult than climbing Mount Everest.
  • Most of the boys only like beautiful girls.
  • High school is nothing as depicted in the movies like Mean Girls, High School Musical or A Cinderella Story (yes, the movie starring Chad Michael Murray; gosh, I love him so much). Ahem, sorry. I got carried away.
  • High school has its ups and downs but so does life.
  • You've got keep moving on.
Comment on some of your experiences and also the things you wish someone had told you below! Until next time, amigos.
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