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The Crazy Thing That Happened When I Went to Prom By Myself

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Should I go with a friend? Should I invite my cousin who I never see? Should I go by myself? Maybe with a group of girls from my class that were going alone, too? Those were the questions that circled my mind from March until the end of November (as my prom was in December; sorry the Southern Hemisphere is weird AF).beyonce feminist gifI was really worried about senior prom and going by myself, especially because most of my friends were going with their boyfriends, cousins or friends from our class. But, I had no one - and all of my best friends did.

I've never had lots of friends who were guys, not until last year when I met my guy BFF who is amazing. I spent months wondering if I should ask him to prom while we were sitting together in class, and the moment I was going to ask him, he tells me he asked the girl he likes (who is not from our school) to prom and she said, "Yes." I was devastated, and didn't know what to do except be happy for him. It's funny now because they are now boyfriend and girlfriend.

I always knew I was going to end up going by myself, but one of my closest friends was going alone, too, so at least I had someone. We ended up sitting at the same table for dinner. (I don't know how proms are in other places, but here, we have dinner with our parents, then they leave, and we stay for the party.)

The day of the prom came, and I built up the confidence to go alone through the last month. I know it's natural to be nervous when making the decision to go to prom alone but it also takes a lot of believing in yourself, and that day, I felt amazing like never before. I was rocking that red dress, and I looked hella cute.

I had a great time with my friends. You can still dance with your friends, and talk to them, too. You can also have a great time with everyone else who went alone, or you can even have a great time being with your friends while everyone else dances.
my promWhat matters in the end isn't whether or not you are going to prom with a guy or alone. It is the fact that if you went alone, you felt good and had a great time, and you didn't need to depend on a guy to feel that way. The best thing is that nobody gives a damn if you went alone or not - they are all too busy enjoying their night.

I did kiss my old school crush. He wasn't at my school anymore, but went with his best friend because he got dumped - so who knows what could happen on your prom night?

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