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Life Problems? There's a GIF for That

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Being a human is hard. It's confusing, exhausting and 9 times out of 10, you are getting something horribly wrong. Believe me, I know. One time, I tried to open a pickle jar after working out. Epic hand cramp. (Learn from my mistakes, Internet.)

To cope, here are some GIFs to get you through life's great dilemmas.

1. You realize there are still 17 minutes on the timer before you can get off the elliptical and have a tiny yogurt.

You cannot survive the Hunger Games without a little stamina. Keep running, baby.

2. Sometimes, the only things that get you through the day are new recordings on your DVR and takeout from your favorite restaurant. But you're all caught up, and Bill's Chinese is closed for health code violations. Panic is a real emotion you now face.

First, you're like this:

Don't be sad Tobias crying in the shower. Be happy Sheldon instead.

Netflix has a plethora of shows you probably haven't watched, and ice cream is a viable dinner option in a pinch. Go forth and binge in all the ways.

3. You make the mistake of reading anything from major news outlets or watching the weather or getting on social media after everyone else has read anything from major news outlets/watched the weather, and you lose faith in humanity. You lose faith in yourself.

Take a hint from Catherine Tate and let that sh*t roll right off your shoulders.

4. You have a setback in your work/family/online gambling ring, and you feel the cold grip of failure winding her fingers around your neck.

At least you're not a member of the (largely terrorized) Stark family.

Or a (likely dead) bastard.

Or an (minus your good bits) Unsullied.

Perk up, friends. You could have been born in Westeros and have George R.R. Martin as your god.

5. You feel grumpy, dopey, sleepy (you are one of Snow White's Seven Dwarves) because today you must accomplish #allthethings and make sure to tweet it all so people know you're very busy and important.

Take a breath.

Realize no one cares.

And you don't need them to. You just gotta do you. One step at a time.

And if that doesn't work, take a page from Cersei Lannister's play book.



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