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My Man Crush Monday Goes to...

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Those who follow my Instagram or Facebook accounts know that Man Crush Monday is like the heyday of my week. I am a lover of masculine beauty, not just the muscles and body type, but also by the brains. For me, a smart mouth wins over a well defined six-pack and v-line any day, which can be confirmed when analyzing the kind of men that I have dated. Yes, I have finally found my type. In my life, I have indeed dated a couple of guys and all of them were beautiful and unique on their own way. All of them were incredibly smart and had their je ne sais quoi of hotness.
Alex O' Laughin GIFDuring the preparation of this article, I debated about whom would I choose. It was hard, and I mean REALLY hard to choose between the hundreds of names and faces that crossed my mind. I found myself asking my BFF to tell me names of celebrities who she considered would suit me as a #MCM. She proposed two questions. First, she asked me with whom would I like to go to dinner with. Then she asked whom would I like to go to bed with. Both answers made me return to my teenage years.

For dinner, I choose Bruce Springsteen. As odd as might seem, "The Boss" as he is also known, was my first crush EVER! I grew up listening to Bruce and even today, he's one of my favorite singers along with Sting and Bryan Adams. He is my mother's favorite singer, and you know what they say: The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. I pray on that saying.
Bruce Springsteen
When my BFF asked about whom would I choose to go to bed with, I had trouble thinking of someone. But then I started to think about my ideal man (as if it would ever exist!), and I always had a thing for Australian accent, so I choose Alex O'Loughlin.
Hawaii Five-0
When I was younger, I was addicted to Moonlight, an American series which finished only with one season. Alex played Mick St. John, a vampire who falls in love with a mortal woman. After this, came Alex as Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-0, which is still a series that I enjoy to watch.

Choosing a celebrity crush is hard! I think that it's easier when you are talking about people that you know in real life, when you happen to "click" with someone. Just like in fairytales, they can also become our own princes and princesses.
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