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I'm Bisexual: This Is My Coming Out Story

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The Supreme Court of the United States legalized gay marriage across the country and Puerto Rico, and I couldn't be happier. As a friend of American citizens who are also members of the LGBT community, I am thrilled that they can marry in their state!

Many people don't know, some of my friends included, but I am a member of the LGBT community myself. I am proud bisexual woman who has already had relationships with both genders (although the relationships I had with women never became official and some of them were nothing more that a few dates, mostly because of fear of nothing being accepted).

I came out to my parents a few months ago, and it was so weird! I talked to my mother via WhatsApp because I had so afraid to tell her. I knew she would support me, but I never really knew how I would tell her. With my father, it was different. I called him on the phone, and he asked if I was dating any boy, to which I said, "No." I told him that I wasn't seeing anyone, boy or girl, and that was when he asked if I was bisexual. I said, "Yes." I regretted it the moment I said it because my dad is very conservative, so I feared being rejected by my own father. But he reacted so well and said that he only wants me to be happy, that it doesn't matter who I date. His only wish is for me to give him a grandchild in the future - ha!

To whomever is reading this post, I just want to say that it feels SO GOOD to say that I am bisexual and to be able to say it without fear but with pride of the community that opened their arms to me when I needed it most. I used to feel so different because I was attracted to other girls as well I was to guys.

I just want to thank my amazing family and friends because since I came out I have never felt nothing but support from everybody.

I love you! Happy Pride Month!
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