Does the Sunscreen in my BB Cream Really Work?

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With the summer months ablaze, there's another step we have to add to our morning regimen: sunscreen. For us lazy girls, anything extra can be quite the task, but we must apply! If you're like us, you've already purchased a BB cream that doubles as a face moisturizer and skin protector. Violà! You're all set ... or not? Is the sunscreen in our BB creams enough? Will it fully protect us from future wrinkles? We've talked to our favorite skin experts to get the lowdown on whether BB creams can get the job done.

We chatted with Maria Lekkakos, master aesthetician and salon owner, and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery. When asked whether BB creams can protect girls from the sun, Maria had this to say, "SPF in BB cream can be helpful. However, it generally does not contain a high enough SPF level, so it can only help minimally on a day to day basis." Elizabeth went on to add, "Yes [the sunscreen in your BB cream works], but you have to reapply several times a day." Ugh, definitely not ideal for girls who barely remember to apply cream once a day yet alone "several times."

While it's nice to know we're not completely applying our creams in vain, it might helpful to get a list of recommended products that will have our skin looking and feeling healthy all summer long. Our girl Maria had a few must-have products to share, all of which come tinted so girls can wear them alone.

Image Skincare

"Image has a great collection with many different SPFs. They smell great, aren't greasy and are great under makeup."


"Oxygen 3 Defence Fluid by Thalgo in SPF 15 is great for daily wear, brightening the skin and achieving a natural-looking glow."

Skin Medica

"Sunscreens by Skin Medica, a medical-grade product line that is ideal for aging skin, has strong coverage for after laser treatments or peels and has the added bonus of powerful ingredients for ant-aging."


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