The Trick to Wearing Wrinkle-Free Linen Pants

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If you wear an all-white outfit, you're going to get dirty. If you wear new shoes on a walking tour, you're going to get blisters. And if you're rocking linen pants, you're going to get wrinkly. Sometimes fashion rules are universally acknowledged (and put up with), but other times, you can employ little-known fashion hacks to scootch around a style slip-up.

Linen pants are one of summer's most-loved staples. But those darn things won't stay smooth! Sure, linen pants are supposed to get a little bit wrinkly – they're a relaxed summer fabric, after all – but rolling up looking like a rumpled mess is never a good idea.

Turns out, keeping your fave linen pants looking lovely is way easier than you think!

1. Proper fit

Perhaps the most overlooked solution: Make sure your linen pants fit from the get-go. If excess fabric gathers around your sandaled feet - instead of falling right on top - instant wrinkles!


2. Adjust before sitting.

Think twice before throwing yourself at your couch in linen pants! When your body bends, you can expect the linen to reciprocate with wrinkles. Simple solution? Pinch the fabric at your thigh, pulling up, before you sit down. This prevents crinkles at the knee. That, or learn how to hover.

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3. Avoid heated situations.

We know, we know – being summer's fave pant means hot days are kind of unavoidable. But stick to sporting linen pants on indoor, AC-blasting afternoons. When fabric is pressed against body heat and moisture (aka sweat), the result is – you guessed it - wrinkles.

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4. Wash them like they're sheets.

Ever throw a few tennis balls in with your sheets or towels to keep them from tangling? Do the same thing with linen pants. This washing process will remove any wayward wrinkles, as well as relax the fabric to prevent additional wrinkles during wear. Also, avoid cramming your washer and dryer with tons of other clothes.


5. From time to time, things can get steamy.

You've followed all the above, but when you grabbed your linen pants from the closet, they still had a few kinks! A simple wrinkle-releasing solution (that also works for other fabrics) is to apply steam to the wrinkle. If you don't own a steamer, hang your linen pants in the shower (steering clear of direct water contact) and run the hot water. The steam will hopefully lift any lingering wrinkles in a few minutes.

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