Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What Gay Marriage Means to Them

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Jimmy Kimmel and anything kids-related is pure gold (remember the eaten Halloween candy bit?!).

In honor of the Supreme Court ruling to sanction marriage equality in all 50 states, Jimmy sent an interviewer out into the streets of Hollywood to ask kids what gay marriage means to them. Considering Jimmy's past clips, we had a feeling there were going to be some epic responses in store. He did not disappoint.

Most of the kids knew what gay marriage was, but, there was one young boy who was a little confused. When asked "what does gay marriage mean," he kept saying it was only when a "a boy marries a boy." As for what it's called when a girl marries a girl? Simply "lesbianism," he said.

And there were many more laughs to be had. As far as another little boy was concerned, there was only one reason why two people would want to get married in the first place: "Because they're pregnant," he said. Fair enough

A little girl who also spoke her mind said everyone should be able to get married "when they're old enough." She, too, wants to get married one day, but said not until she's "30."

Kids really do say the darndest things. We can't stop watching this clip.


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