Selena Gomez Opens Up About Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"

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Selena Gomez wants everyone to know that there is no bad blood between her and Katy Perry despite the fact that she starred in Taylor Swift's diss video about her. During a recent interview, the "Good For You" singer opened up about all that drama, and it's really not as cray as we all thought it was.

Sel called in to New Zealand radio's The Edge Afternoons on Tuesday and played a little game called "Tabloid True or False," during which she set the record straight.

"Is it true that you called Katy Perry after the 'Bad Blood' video just to make sure she knew that you were acting and you weren't being mean to her?" host Sharyn asked.

"That's false, I love Katy. I just talked to her," Sel said. "She's amazing. But I didn't talk about that, but i just talked to her. She's awesome."

Selena admitted that it's lame having not-true things written about her but she doesn't let it bother her too much. "I think it's going to always happen but at the end of the day people see it," she said.

"So if people were to say, 'hey, she's pregnant,' well they are going to see in nine months that I'm not." "It's just kind of obvious when things are blatant lie— things are going to come into the truth instantly."

Speaking of, Selena also opened up about her relationship with Zedd in the same interview. She talked about Katy's ex-boyfriend Diplo, and his comments that her thing with Zedd was fake. Read about that, here.
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