9 Summer Problems Only Girls With Fair Skin Will Understand

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I'm what you would call pale. I've been pale my entire life - the term "fair-skinned" is a polite one for me. I've been called "vampire" and "China doll" in endearing ways by pretty much every person I've ever known/dated. It has its perks: I look a lot younger than I am and I basically glow in the dark.

However, being a fair-skinned gal can also suck in a few ways - especially if you live in a super sunny climate (why did I move to California, again?). Here are some of the real struggles us fair-skinned femmes have to suffer through during these scorching months of summer. If you need me, I'll be indoors, maintaining my vampire-status and researching SPF 200. 

Everyone around you has a great tan. Meanwhile, you're trying to figure out the spray tan thing. 

When you dress for the weather and accidentally summon your inner Vampira/Morticia Addams. 

...And Wednesday Addams on the beach. 

Sunlight bounces off your skin, blinding not only yourself - but strangers, too. 

You have to buy sunscreen from the kid's section. We're talking at least SPF 50 here, people.

Having skin that bruises like a peach = not so cute in summer wardrobes.

Peach-colored or white bathing suits make you look naked.

Seeking well-shaded areas becomes your summer job.

Your friends enjoy comparing their tan to your non-tan.



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