This Little Girl Getting Mad at Siri Is the Cutest Thing You'll See Today

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Siri is a pretty awesome feature of the iPhone - it's like having a tiny robot in your pocket! Of course, while Siri can help you manage your calendar and set an alarm so you don't miss your 8AM class, there are certain things that it's simply not capable of - like understanding a rambling child who really, really wants to have a conversation with it. In a new video, one adorable little girl named Violet decides to try her hand at chatting with Siri, only to find that attempting a conversation with the app is wildly frustrating.

Poor Violet. All she wanted to ask Siri were vague questions like "Why?" and "What's the problem?" Unfortunately for Violet, there are only so many things that Siri can tell you the answer to - and it's not exactly keen on answering philosophical questions. Instead Siri asks Violet if she would be interested in a web search for some of the things that Siri can't quite get a grasp of. Ultimately that just frustrates the surprisingly tech-savvy little girl more.

Hey, I've been there, Violet. Siri may make using my phone significantly easier at times, but it's hard not to get frustrated when stating "Call Mom" somehow directs me to the phone number of the Chinese place down the street. Technology isn't perfect, so maybe we all owe Siri just a little bit of patience.

Check out the video below!

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