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Why I Refuse to Shave My Armpits

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The female body is so delicate. Small bones. Soft skin. Fine hairs. Yes, even body hairs.

When you think about a woman having hair on her legs or - God forbid - her armpits, you probably get a little turned off or even disgusted. But, when I look at the soft hairs on my legs, and yes, even my armpits, I know I'm looking at delicacy. I'm looking at a soft little bird who hasn't yet learned to fly. And I'm looking at a woman who's finally finding her place.

I don't shave because I've finally found that I can be comfortable in this body I'm living in. I may have struggles with weight, and I may have scars that I've given myself, but now I know that my hair is my own choice.

I wasn't allowed to cut my hair when I was younger, so as soon as I turned 21, I chopped it to my shoulders. It was so liberating. Not shaving my legs, and yes, I'm still talking about under my arms, too, is just as liberating. I'm liberated and am delicate. I am that little bird learning how to fly.
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