Why Niall Horan Thinks He's the 'Worst Celebrity'

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Niall Horan has a confession. He's the worst...celebrity. That's what he thinks anyway, although we'd be quick to point out he's one of our fave celebs. Don't sell yourself short there, Nialler.

Why does Niall even think that? Well, because, according to him, he "doesn't go to any parties." We're not so sure that makes him any less of a famous dude, but let's hear him out.

He recently told Top of the Pops magazine (via Press Party): "What's happened over the last few years has been incredible. But I just stay the same person I was and grow up with it. We're just normal people doing this abnormal job."

True enough. They have remained relatively normal despite the massive fame. Well done, guys.

As such, Nialler reckons he doesn't want to get up to much of the traps of fame, explaining, "To be honest, I don't get that much paparazzi because you can stay away from it if you want to. I'm probably the worst celebrity on Earth, cos I don't go to any of those parties. I'll just go somewhere where the paps won't look for me. I don't particularly put myself out there."

Okay, so we wouldn't call him the "worst" – he's just a clever lad who figured out how to stay out of the line of cameras as much as he can.

Can't say we blame him.
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