Is She the Next Adele? Meet Australia's Next Big Thing, Meg Mac

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You know how once in a while a new artist comes along and they pretty much blow up internationally after one hit single? Like Sam Smith and Adele. Yeah, we think we've found the next such artist.

The New York Times has already compared her to Adele and we think Australian artist Meg Mac is about to get her big shot. She just wrapped her first US tour with D'Angelo. "I don't know how it [the tour] happened. But I'm feeling very lucky," she told us. She only has an EP out right now, titled MEGMAC, but we got the scoop on her single "Roll Up Your Sleeves" and cannot wait to see her name at the top of the charts.

C: We love your sound! How would you personally describe it to someone who has never heard your work?
MM: "I think I would say it's based all around the singing, that's the main thing. It's kind of like pop-soul, a lot of piano chords and hooks."

C: At what age did you realize being a singer was something you really wanted to pursue?
MM: "I've always loved singing just for fun, but it wasn't until I started writing songs when I was about 17. I realized that it [writing] was more special to me and that I cared about it a lot."

C: Do you write all your songs yourself or do you prefer a co-writer?
MM: "I like locking myself in a room by myself. I'm really private when I'm writing."C: We're obsessed with your single "Roll Up Your Sleeves." What was the story behind that song?
MM: "It's kind of based on myself and how I was feeling at the time. It was almost like I was writing a letter to myself. I feel like sometimes it's easier to pretend that you don't care about something and it's easier to ignore it - it was about dealing with that. If you can take the challenge and do the right thing, then everything will be alright."

C: You put out your EP two years ago. When can we expect a full album?
MM: "I'm working on it right now! I should be recording in the next few months. I'm in the songwriting stage."

C: There is no wrong answer, but who would you collab with if it could be anyone?
MM: "I always say that I really want to sing a duet one day, but I don't know with who yet. I know I want to do it. I feel like a guy would be really cool. It's going to happen one day, but I don't know who it'll be."

As for getting compared to powerhouse Adele, "It's pretty cool! Adele is amazing so it feels pretty cool to be mentioned up there along with her."

Pretty cool? Really cool.

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