This Camera Lens Makes the Selfie Stick Basic

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Do you really want to carry around a selfie stick and be that person by the pool taking selfies with your squad? Let's be honest, Queen Bey is the only one that can pull that off.

Meet the better, smaller substitute: the olloclip. This iPhone/iPad/Android accessory enhances your photo taking skills to pro-level. The size of your thumb, the olloclip easily attaches to your phone, letting you easily take enhanced photographs. There are six different lenses, all with specific features based on the types of photos you like to take:

1. Ultra-wide Angle

This basically let's you take clear photos in motion. Don't you hate it when you're trying to snap your bestie dancing like an idiot and the photo always comes out blurry? This will solve that problem.

2. Telephoto

Zoom in 2x and get twice as close - with clear resolution. Taylor Swift's concert tour wouldn't be complete without your zoomed-in shot of her and her squad slaying the stage.

3. Circular Polarizing Lens

Bye, bye, glare. This lens keeps the real-life color of your photos and kicks blur to the curb.

4. Portrait

"OMG will you take a photo of my outfit?" I, like you, ask this daily (#noshame). The portrait feature was built for the outfit photo, making your next Instagram post look like a real photoshoot.

5. Selfie perk

OK, so this isn't an exact feature, but the ability to zoom in and out and keep your clear resolution allows for the perfect selfie without having to mess with a random distance with your selfie stick.

6. Macro 7 to 21x

This is for all you hipsters. Zoom in on your jalapeño-infused brunch benedict for the perfect food selfie. I mean, look at that strawberry. That's a guaranteed 50 likes. #onfleek

The team at olloclip also has a new Kickstarter campaign, taking their photo revolution to the next level. The dirty deets on the six different lenses you can purchase today can be found on olloclip's website. Prices range from $69 to $120 - totally reasonable for the perfect selfie, without the embarrassing stick.

You don't want to look like this guy.


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