Time Travel: The '90s!

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Calling all '90s kids! If the following statements make you giggle like you did when your totally cute history teacher would call on you in 5th grade, you fit the bill:

Remember when the kid at your lunch table with the organic, zen, yoga mom would ask you to trade your Dunkaroos for his apple. YEAH, RIGHT!

Or that time when Helga Pataki's bubble gum closet shrine of Arnold actually gave you a couple of ideas on how to pay homage to your own crush. But it wasn't creepy at all. And you never made the shrine... ;)

Did you ever let your Tamagotchi starve to death? It was only one time? Some mother you were...

How many Beanie Babies made up your collection? Because I bet you your cool neighbor, Christy, always had more.

You could never figure out how to beat your brother at that Nintendo 64 game where you shoot geese with a toy gun. Why was he so good? It's a bit troubling, actually.

Your walkman played the debut *NSYNC album from start to finish on your walk to school, and the weird crossing guard yelled at you to pay attention every time.

You were only as cool as the number of Lisa Frank notebooks you had.

And finally (most importantly), you knew that milky pen tattoos would not give you ink poisoning and you would not die. BUT, regular pen tattoos would give you ink poisoning and you would die.

People say to live in the present, and that the past is the past, but if anyone wants to help us build a time machine to go back to days of dial-up internet and phones that weren't smart, you know where to find us!


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