Whoa! This Woman Looks Exactly Like Angelina Jolie

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We've seen some really crazy celebrity doppelgangers, but this Angelina Jolie lookalike is off-the-charts awesome.

Veronika Black, 27, tells The Daily Mail that people started mistaking her for the actress after she started getting lip fillers in 2011. "It happened overnight," she tells them. "I was working as a shop assistant at the time, and I was just a regular girl on the tills, but suddenly people mistook me for Angelina Jolie. It was bizarre, but Angelina is absolutely gorgeous so I was obviously flattered too."

Yeah, we definitely wouldn't hate someone mistaking us for Angelina! Although, with the good comes the bad and Veronika admits that she's received some weird emails from fans who actually believe that she is the real Angelina.

Great dinner out after a stressful day @laresidencedubai

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Even when people know she's not the Oscar-winning actress, some men are still intimidated to approach her - except the "creeps" as she describes them. "Only creeps will try and chat me up, and they'll be really rude and aggressive when I say I'm not interested," she explained. "No normal, respectable guys are ever keen, but I'm too shy to approach men myself."

We can totally relate! One of the drawbacks of being single is finding that you are a full-on creep magnet. Don't worry, it's not you, it's them.
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