This Is Why America Ferrera Is Thanking Donald Trump

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Note to self: Here's how you drag someone in a professional way.

Just like Becky G, America Ferrera was not amused by Donald Trump's recent, discriminatory comments about Mexicans. But, rather than going off about it in a Twitter rant, she hit the Huffington Post and wrote an editorial letter to the business mogul, thanking him for doing it.

"Dear Donald, You've said some pretty offensive things about Latino immigrants recently, and I think they're worth addressing," she began. "Because, you know, this is the United States of America, where I have a right to speak up even if I'm not a billionaire. Isn't that awesome?"

"Anyway, I heard what you said about the kind of people you think Latino immigrants are -- people with problems, who bring drugs, crime and rape to America," she continued. "While your comments are incredibly ignorant and racist, I don't want to spend my time chastising you. I'll leave that to your business partners like Univision and NBC, who have the power to scold you where it hurts. Instead, I'm writing to say thank you!"

"You see, what you just did with your straight talk was send more Latino voters to the polls than several registration rallies combined! Thank you for that. Here we are pounding the pavement to get American Latinos to the polls, while your tactic proves most effective. Remarks like yours will serve brilliantly to energize Latino voters and increase turnout on election day against you and any other candidate who runs on a platform of hateful rhetoric."

In case you missed it, The Donald, who is running for president said, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have a lot of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

Following those comments, Univision pulled out of its business relationship with him because of his comments, and NBC said it will no longer air the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which they own jointly with Donald.
Donald Trump in ChicagoAmerica had much more to say in her letter to him, adding that Latinos are the "largest, youngest and fastest-growing constituency in the United States of America" and that he's "living in an outdated fantasy of a bigoted America."

"No, Mr. Trump, you may not reduce us to drug dealers and rapists," she continued. "We are moms and dads, sons and daughters. We are valedictorians and honor students. We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians and we are the future of America."

*Drops mic*


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