Only Channing Tatum Could Make the Funky Chicken Dance Sexy

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Do you have 30 seconds to spare? Even if you don't, you'll want to make time for this one because Channing Tatum's "7 Dance Moves in 30 Seconds" video will officially give you life.

In this awesome clip from Vanity Fair, the Magic Mike XXL star does the following as he dances to Ginuwine's "Pony," which already tells you there's gonna be some sexy stuff happening:

-The Running Man: Pretty good, pretty good. We didn't get to see a whole lot of it because it was sort of part of the intro, but that little turnaround thing he did was kinda cool.

-The Twist: We actually could have done without this one. Nobody can look hot doing the twist and while Channing gave it a good effort, the twist is the twist and it's inherently awkward. We would have preferred that he used those three seconds doing the "Funky Chicken" and you'll see why in a just a second.

-The Funky Chicken: Yassssss! Another dance that is inherently awkward, but Channing somehow achieved the impossible and made it sexy. His "oh this thing?" right before it only added to the sexiness because it was like 'aw! he's embarrassed' and then 'damn! That is one sexy chicken!'

-The Hula: Not as good as the Funky Chicken, but that's a tough act to follow.

-The Pony: Tbh, we weren't even paying attention, we were already back thinking about the Funky Chicken again.

-The Robot: Actually very impressive. And that little swivel-side move at the end was a nice touch.

-Voguing: What a perfect note to end on. Even Madonna would be jealous of Channing's vogue!

Not included in the video? This fine piece of action.

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