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The Anatomy of a Pro's Makeup Palettes

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Ever wonder what a professional makeup artist's makeup palette looks like? The pros who work for celebrities and on magazine photo shoots often have to carry a dozen or more bags with them to work. They're filled with magazines, cosmetic products, palettes, tools, brushes and a lot more. But what's in those makeup palettes and why?

Eye Palettes

Here's what celebrity makeup artist Billy B has to say about palettes"A palette is convenient logistically, but the real value is that most of the work has been done for you by experts choosing the shades to create your look." Basically, when it comes to palettes, color and texture play the biggest roles. These are staples you'll find in the collections of pros like Pati Dubroff.
Darkshadow eye Palette
  • Nude/sheer eyelid primer – so that all eye makeup looks vibrant and stays put
  • Nude eyeshadow palette – includes shades from ivory to taupe to dark brown. Nude colors go with every skin tone and create simple, elegant looks.
  • Evening eyeshadow palette – this is usually filled with a range of shimmery, long lasting colors like midnight blue and forest green which are used to create smokey and sophisticated looks.
  • Day eyeshadow palette – full of matte, shimmer, bright colors like orange, yellow and pink that are used to offset an outfit or draw attention to the eyes.
  • Brow palette – includes brow gel/powder suitable for all hair colors – blonde, dark brown, auburn, etc.

Cheek Palettes
Cheek Makeup Palette
To add color to cheeks is to make a client's face look fresh and lively. Professional makeup artists often use blush to counteract pallid complexions. A collection of blushes should include colors for every skin tone – pale pink, coral, peach, rose, rouge and wine are the basic shades every pro carries. A perfect little snapshot of eye and cheek palettes from a makeup artist kit can be found in e.l.f.'s cosmetic collection.

Lip Palettes
Lip Palette
A huge range of lipsticks isn't enough for pros like Celena Hancock. The U.K. based makeup artist believes in creamy lip mixtures and shimmery lip glosses as well. Lip must-haves in a pro's palette include:
  • Tinted lip balms – these are used to give a touch of color to the lips in order to keep the focus on the eyes and cheeks. Nudes and pinks are the color range often used. Sometimes, these balms are mixed with lipstick to create a custom color.
  • Lipsticks – these are used to apply solid, bold colors to keep the focus on the lips. A wide range of color is necessary – nude, pale pink, fuchsia, purple, coral, cherry red, wine, burgundy and brown are all must haves.
  • Lip glosses – glosses are used to give lips a plumper, more fun look. Often shimmer is added to glosses and shades like cherry red, pink and purple are common in most makeup kits.

Face products

Facial products can be considered the most important when it comes to makeup because they create the canvas which gets 'painted' on. That's why makeup artists always invest in the best primers, foundations and BB creams even if they cost a lot. A pro's makeup collection will contain the following:
Face Cosmetics
  • A smoothening and moisturizing agent – This is the first product applied and is used to smooth the skin and fill in fine lines so that makeup doesn't crease. Primers, tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams are considered smoothening agents.
  • Liquid foundation – Every pro needs multiple shades of foundation for their clients to create a blank base for the makeup to sit on.
  • Concealer palette –a wide range of concealer shades are necessary to accommodate all skin tones. Concealers are necessary to cover blemishes and even out complexions.
  • Contouring palette – this palette is used to sculpt the face using a bronzer and a highlighter and makeup artists use them to downplay and accent facial features like the cheekbones and nose.
  • Loose finishing powder – a translucent, setting powder is vital in every makeup artist's kit to give the final look a soft finish, eliminate oil and keep the makeup in place.
Makeup for Face
Every pro makeup artist kit will have the basics – from eyes to lips, but the cool thing is that no two of them will build the same makeup kit. Professional makeup artists are pros because they find a balance between the products needed and the products that work for them. That's why the anatomy of your makeup palette will be unlike any other!
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