Why Did Everyone Freak Out About This Guacamole Recipe?

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

You know when someone tries to change you and you're like 'oh no you didn't!' because you know you're perfect just the way you are? Well, we have that same sort of protective instinct over guacamole and we thought it was pretty much a universally understood fact that guacamole is perfect.

In fact, if there are two things we know for certain about guacamole, they are 1) that "guac is extra" at Chipotle and 2) that it is absolutely pristinely perfect in every possible way.

So, if you go trying to improve upon perfection, you are going to fail and there might even be a massive Twitter uprising in the process, which is exactly what happened when the New York Times tweeted this. No shade, NYT, but no. Just no.

"This advice is wrong and also bad," one person replied. "Don't do this," BuzzFeed pleaded. "Don't f*** with my guac!" another person chimed in. Other people begged them to delete the tweet, perhaps out of fear that an inexperienced guac eater might think it's the right thing to do.

The peas became such a problem, even the President chimed in: Peas have their place in the world and that place is NOT inside of our guacamole bowl.

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