Chris Pratt Predicted He Would Star in 'Jurassic World' Years Ago

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Mind. Blown.

Chris Pratt is having an amazing year. In case you missed it, he's the badass star of Jurassic World (among his many other accomplishments)...and it turns out, he might have predicted he was going to land the role years ago.

Back in 2010, when he was starring on Parks and Recreation, Chris did a behind-the-scenes video for the NBC show's season 2 DVD. On it, he's sitting down, holding his cell phone and acting like he's answering a text from Jurassic World director Steven Spielberg.

"Man, I just got a text message from Steven Spielberg. So annoying," he says. Then, he pretends to text him back, saying, "Sorry, Steven. I was asked by 'Parks and Recreation'/NBC to do behind the scenes, which is to say everyone else was asked and said 'no,' but I have no shame as you know by the endless gift baskets. I'll have to get back to you later about Jurassic Park 4." Umm. This brings new meaning to speaking things into existence.

That, or, he's psychic. Again, this was a few years before he landed the role in the film – which, at the time, wasn't even written yet. At the time, Chris hadn't transformed his body from chubby to chiseled, he wasn't well known just yet and hadn't booked his first action film Guardians of the Galaxy either.

"It was a joke that I made," Chris told Entertainment Tonight during the Jurassic World junket last month. "I guess it just goes to show that if you read the book The Secret and you put things out there, they all come true," he joked.

When he shot that video, the actor said he was 300 pounds and yo-yo dieting for roles. "I was looking into the future," Pratt said. "I was like, 'There's this job. I really want that job. I need to get in shape.' But it was when I saw the movie Zero Dark Thirty for the first time where I was like, 'Damn, I believe that guy is kind of like a believable tough guy.'"

Chris also made another prediction during that chat, saying, "I guess I would put out there that I apologize for how long I went on in my Oscar speech. I am really thrilled about the Oscar that I won for Best Cinematography, oddly."

He might as well clear some space for that award.


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