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Happy Independence Day From a Brit

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Fourth of July weekend is here, and I am celebrating it for the second year in a row.

Last year, I had arrived in London three days before the holiday, and as I lived with American people, of course, I got to celebrate it. American burgers, beers and hotdogs were the menu that day, followed by a 10-minute long fireworks set in red, white and blue colors. We planted little American flags in our garden and all over the walls. Barbecued meats were emiting steam from the table waiting to be devoured by five hungry, Independence Day celebrators.

This year, I will still be in London, but I will not be attending any Fourth of July celebrations. Instead, I will be celebrating with my European friends (and possibly a few Americans) at some restaurant in Central London (to which I hope to be TGIFridays) and attending at one of the many Saturday Night Fever Parties that exist around town.

Although this day marks 239 years of American independence from this side of the pond, I wish you all an amazing Fourth of July weekend.
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