Kendall Jenner Celebrates Independence Day With Sexy Instagram Photo

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Kendall Jenner is celebrating her bare her body! After some careful statistical calculations, we're pretty sure there are a grand total of ZERO people complaining.

Kenny captioned the photo "coffee," which was pretty funny considering nobody was looking at the coffee and she knows it.

Here's the thing, though...we are all-too-familiar with the collection of Kardashian/Jenner naked photos (hey, it's part of the job) and we actually think this is an old pic. A really old pic, in fact.

When Kendall turned 18, back in 2013, she shared this snap from a photo shoot. The top looks kinda familiar, huh?

Then, she shared this "behind-the-scenes" pic on Twitter and when you compare the outfit in this pic to the outfit in the photo she shared today, they're exactly the same. Even the coffee cup is the same. So, it probably is an old pic, but even if it is - we're not mad at it and neither are the 1.1 MILLION people who have already liked it in the few short hours it's been up.

Happy Independence Day, Kenny!
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