This 14-Year-Old Girl Is Her High School's First Female Quarterback

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Missouri high school student Brooke Liebsch is already a serious playmaker on the football field, but she can now add history maker to her blossoming athletic resume. The 14-year-old Liberty North High School freshman broke new ground this summer by becoming the school's first female quarterback. Having a trailblazer for a teammate is obviously a huge advantage, but Brooke also plays wide receiver and defensive back, making her even more of a threat. Talk about a major power play.

Brooke told Fox 4 KC that she also played soccer growing up, but found that she wasn't really fulfilled by the sport. Luckily when she discovered football, it was love at first catch. She joined a Pop Warner team six years ago and hasn't looked back since.

For such an amazing accomplishment, Brooke seems to be taking the moment all in stride. That may have something to do with the fact that she already knows how important it is for girls and women to pursue their goals, in spite of the many gender-based barriers.

"Girls can do anything a guy can do," Brooke said. "Girls can be just as strong as a guy. There's a lot of them that play football."

Brooke also wears a sticker on her helmet that bears the ultimate message for any opponent who doubts her abilities – "You have just been hit by a Girl."

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