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How I Found My Soulmate

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Four years ago, I was sitting in a temple with my mom. In front of us sat a man who could be called a well-trusted and uncontested pandit (aka an astrologer), whose predictions have never gone wrong. He sat with my kundli in his hands and noticed it precisely. After a silence of about five minutes, he said "Be careful girl, what you have planned can destroy you." This came as more of a shock than as revelation. My mom and I were there because my family had come to know about my first love, and after trying everything they could, they now wanted to rely on the stars and beliefs to separate us.

Nothing could separate us. Family, restrictions and now even astronomy - nothing was powerful enough to pull as apart from each other. It was the first love, the first experience of naked immaturity, expectations and high hopes. It's the first time when you stop thinking and start feeling, the first feeling that becomes so dear that you can't afford to lose it, and you're ready to stake anything and everything in its pursuit. It's a monster that grabs you by the neck, and you're left gasping for breath, which you mistake for pleasure.

The wildest exposure to stupidity is called first love. Back in the temple, in front of the pandit who, right now was my mirror to the future, he said, "You will elope with him, within two months from now. The worst time of your life is approaching, and you must stop whatever you are doing right now, or you are sure to fall in a dumpster of destruction."

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I wasn't scared. I knew the astrologer's prediction could never be true because we had never planned to elope. We both could never even think of leaving our families. We knew our love is strong, but neither of us wanted to hurt anyone, especially our families. We had decided to keep it hidden from them, but we also agreed that we wouldn't take any step that can hinder their respect. We had the strong belief that our love was pure, and we knew that sooner or later that our families would agree with this. Not even a word of what he said could ever be true.

That astrologer was 91 years old, and my family had been showing their trust in him for the last 46 years. All his predictions, whether good or bad, have always been correct - we trusted him for a reason. Time went by, and eventually my first love left after two years of the day when I was sitting in the temple. He and I broke up, mutually. We were not compatible anymore. We never eloped. I lost my trust in love and in astronomy as well.London, London, England - UK
Six months ago, I met a guy. I have been dating him ever since, and I have never been happier. This guy and his love for me accommodated all the dreams I had ever seen. He showed me the bright world, which before I had always seen in the dark. He did the most indispensable thing: He rebuilt my broken faith in love. He held my hand and taught me to walk again, even down the toughest paths. I love him, and not that crazy and immature love that I had four years back. I now love him with maturity, reasoning and fulfillment.

Last night, he told me a story, a story which changed his life, a story that now is changing, reforming and forcing me to think about my life. He had flown away with his girlfriend to Manali on a September morning, without informing either one's parents. They went there because of some family problems, and decided to never come back. They packed some clothes and grabbed some money - they eloped.

While telling his story, there was a sense of regret in his voice. I asked him the reason, and he told me. He said that they had eloped without a plan and had never even thought or talked about taking any such step until they actually took it. Everything happened too fast. It was as if he just wasn't thinking, as if his brain had stopped functioning, and some other external force was making him do what he did.Couple walking in sunshine.
I asked him when all of this happened, and he said September 4, 2011. I was astonished and appalled. September 2011 was the predicted time of my elopement with my first love according to the pandit through my kundli. My stars shifted to his destiny, and what was predicted for me with my first love happened with him. To me, that's what a soulmate means. Our stars met a lot earlier - before we even knew each other. I hugged him tightly and said into his ears, "Hi, soulmate."

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