A$AP Rocky Kind of Apologized for that "Tasteless" Rita Ora Diss

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A$AP Rocky just gave us a big lesson in the art of half-apologizing...again.

After dissing Rita Ora in his "Better Things" song, the rapper told the Guardian, "The Rita thing was tasteless of me." That was a good start, right? But, then he continued. "[But] I've got to stand by it, because I did it. I said it. Who gives a f**k about who I'm f**king? Nobody really cares. It's fun to hear, but who really gives a f**k about who Rita Ora's f**king?" Umm...apology accepted?

In case you missed it, this is what A$AP rapped about her in that song.: "I swear that b*tch Rita Ora got a big mouth/ Next time I see her might curse the b*tch out/ Kicked the b*tch out once 'cause she b*tched out/ Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the b*tch bounce." Total burn.

Rita still hasn't had anything to say about those lyrics, but after A$AP caught a ton of flack about it on social media, he tried to explain why he did it during an interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio in May.
2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals"She got me into a lot of trouble when I was dealing with her," he said. "I just want to clarify, this isn't me saying people don't go listen to Rita Ora, or she's an ugly person, or nothing. I'm not saying she's a terrible person, I'm just saying that when I was in a relationship and I did things with her that I wasn't supposed to do, she had a big mouth."

He added that the song is "really old," saying, "that song happened around the time that the situation I was referring to in the song happened." In spite of its controversial nature, he didn't want to leave the track off the album because he felt like it was "such a great song," adding, "It would've been really tasteful for me to mute that part, but it is what it is and it's out there now."

He also had a message for Rita: "Keep going, you're still beautiful baby girl. Just next time keep your mouth shut and I'll do the same."

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