Jenelle Evans Under Fire for Letting Her Dog Play With a Lit Firework

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Jenelle Evans is used to people criticizing her every move, they've been doing it to her for years. The backlash for this one, however, somehow caught her totally by surprise.

After she shared a 4th of July video where she let her dog play with a lit firework, fans were FURIOUS and Jenelle deleted the video. She also tweeted, "I'm never posting anything about my dog ever again."

What made people the most mad was that it sounds like Jenelle was actually telling her dog to go fetch the firework.

Jenelle, however, called in to TMZ Live and said that wasn't the case at all. She said she was calling his name because he kept knocking over the firework before she lit it.

"All in all, the dog didn't get hurt, everything was fine, and I didn't tell him to go fetch it, I was like 'are you ready? are you ready?'" she explained. She also said that it's been on American's Funniest Home Videos, so she isn't the only one who has let a dog near a firework. "I wouldn't use American's Funniest Home Videos as your reference," the host retorted.

Still, Jenelle says she's not sorry about it, she's just sorry that people are offended and make "such a big deal" out of everything she does.
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