Your Soon-to-be-Fave Undies Line Is Expanding

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If you're not already on board with Dear Kate, do yourself (and your underwear drawer) a favor and check them out. The performance panties line specializes in being your undies go-to for that dreaded time of the month – eliminating the need to dig through your drawers for your most-loathed pair. The cute styles are made of super-soft wicking fabric, so you'll never get your panties in a wad about your period again.

And this underpinnings party is just getting started! Just last week, Dear Kate unrolled a whole new set of colors for its most popular Hazel style. The dreamy hues make their debut in a camping-centered campaign, which captures these ultimate underthings hiking, mountain climbing and embarking on some pretty rad adventures.

Hazel + Jackie make for a good team (shop link in bio!)

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Dear Kate founder Julie Sygiel, a chemical engineer, first came up with the idea for an alternative to "period panties" while brainstorming a group business project at Brown a few years back.

"We started talking about underwear and what happens to underwear that time of month," Julie said. "So we were like, 'What if we could make a Wonder Woman pair of underwear?'"

Two years later, Julie had developed the stain-releasing, breathable, no-hand washing-necessary Underlux fabric for the Fall 2013 Dear Kate collection.

Dear Kate underwear technology
And two years after that, Dear Kate continues to grow, partly through its thoughtful advertising campaigns built around non-traditional models (aka women who look like you and me). Why? Because the media's one-size-fits-all beauty standard has to change. After all, even the founder of Dear Kate herself realized she's been tripped up by the media's twisted perception of beauty!

"I had always thought, 'I can discern media messages; I'm a smart woman,'" Julie said. "So I never felt it had influence on how I perceived how I looked, my shape and everything."

But when an early Dear Kate campaign found Julie and her team fitting queen-size models, who couldn't be happier in their own skin, Julie finally understood how important it was to see women of all shapes and sizes in the underwear. "That made me realize how much media has changed my perception of my own beauty."

Now, Julie says, plenty of customers have reached out to share what it feels like to see a woman with their body type modeling lingerie.

Dear Kate

"We've gotten a lot of fans and customers who have written in to say, 'I'm not sure why I'm so surprised to see a model that looks like me, but I am,'" Julie said. "'Keep doing what you're doing.'"

And it's more important than ever to define your own self worth, Julie said, especially as a young woman. "Figure out what works for you because it can be easy to look at everyone else on a billboard and feel like you have to be held to that standard. Establish your own measures of success."


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