10 Sneaky Places to Hide Your Tampons

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If you consider yourself a minimalist dresser, the thought of toting around a bag to hold a handful of essentials (phone, wallet, lipstick, etc.) seems silly. After all, isn't that what pockets are for? No need to weigh yourself down with more baggage!

But when that dreaded time of month rolls around, you know you've got a few more items to add to your essentials list. When you're on-the-go without a school locker in sight, does that mean the wristlet has to come out – or even worse – the backpack? No way! A little creativity proves you can still stay true to your simple ways and ditch the unnecessary bag. Below, 10 sneaky places to store your tampons.

1. In Your Sock

giphy sockDid you see anything? Me neither! But seriously, this is like the best hiding place ever. Socks are great for storing everything from tampons to spare change while traveling because nobody's going to be inspecting your feet.

2. Inside Your Sneaker

giphy sneakersAny closed shoe will do! Slide the tampon into the inside side of your shoe, taking care not to place it completely underneath your foot - you don't want to crush it!

3. Down Your Boot

snakeskin bootsA slight variation of the "inside your sneaker" trick, this footwear secret is reserved for the ladies who have a tough time sharing their sneak with a tampon. Perhaps your shoe's too crowded, or try as you might, you keep stepping on the darn thing. The boot is for you!

4. Inside Your Bra

giphy violaLadylike, shmadylike. When it comes to preparing for Dooms Day, it's really just your business where you're storing your tampons. Slide one into the elastic on the side - no one will be the wiser! Just be more subtle about its removal than Viola above.

5. In Your Waistband

rihanna-sweatpantsYour Nike shorts or sweatpants are the perfect shape for taking advantage of this little-known storage space - their waistbands have way more give than a pair of jeans! That works out great because that's probably what you're wearing anyway, right?

6. Up Your Sleeve

taylor-swift-sweatshirtIf you're a fan of zip-ups and sweatshirts during that time-of-the-month, long sleeves may be your new favorite storage spot. Swift style-approved!

7. In the Big Front Pocket of Your Overalls

giphy overallsOveralls are the utilitarian go-to for a reason, and every self-professed minimalist has this top-and-bottom-in-one combo piece. Here's a tip: The front pocket is way more than decoration - it actually makes for a fairly handy tampon holder!

8. In Your Updo

messy bun illustrationHey, we offered creative solutions to storing tampons, and this one definitely delivers. If you've got a full head of super-thick, long hair, twist up a messy bun, and then conceal your tampon in the thickest part of your 'do. (Caution: Really, really thick hair is your best bet!)

9. Utilize the "decorative" pockets in that dress!

parks and rec

parks and recWe always get so excited when a dress has pockets, but then we end up stuffing all our things into a little bag anyway. No more! Use what the fashion gods have given you, and cast away clutches forever.

10. Up Your Skinny Jeans' Legs

Giphy jeans
The tight pants make the perfect sleeve for storing your emergency tampons when you need 'em! If you cuff yours, shimmy the tampon above the cuff for an extra ledge of support.


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