Ariana Grande Caught Licking Donuts, Kissing Backup Dancer

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There's too much going on in this new video footage of Ariana Grande: she's kissing her backup dancer, licking donuts...and totally throwing shade at the United States? Huh?

Does Ariana have a new boyfriend? In this TMZ video, showing Ariana and one of her dancers at a bakery, the two lick donuts and then kiss each other. Is this bf/gf PDA or are they just messing around?

Ariana and dancer Ricky Alvarez stopped by Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California over the July 4th weekend with some friends. In the video footage, they sneak a lick at the donuts on a dare and, when an employee put down a new tray of donuts, Ariana says, "What the f**k is this? I hate Americans. I hate America."

Um. WTF?

We have no doubt she was having some fun, but guess what? Not everyone is taking it as a joke.

Wolfee Donuts owner Joe Marin told "We sold those by accident to other people and didn't catch it until hours later. I want an apology. We are reaching out to the customers but it wasn't until the next morning when I watched the tape that I caught them licking and spitting, I call it spitting on the doughnuts."

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Fans are pretty divided about what Ariana did, with some totally shocked by the bratty behavior and others continuing to support her.
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