5 No-Needle Ways to Get Tattoos This Summer

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We all know that tattoos can be rad. They can also be really bad. We're talking tribal armbands here, people. Getting a tattoo is a big deal (I have quite a few of them, myself), and they say that it's best to think about one for a year before going under the needle. But sometimes, you're in the mood for a cute little embellishment for just a little while, and we all know how cool it was as a kid to rock some temporary tatts from the quarter machines. While these temporary tattoos may cost more than a quarter, the quality and variety is also much better than the Power Ranger logo you rocked when you were 9 (no? was that just me?).

1. Love

love temporary tattoos claire's
Keep it simple with a love them like these from Claire's ($2).

2. Get Foxy

temporary fox tattoo from etsy
Um, this little fox tattoo ($6, Etsy) is so cute that we might just want this as a real one some day.

3. Summer on the Boardwalk

boardwalk summer temporary tattoos tattly
If you've never heard of Tattly, you've been missing out. They make adorable temporary tattoo sets for pretty much any occasion. This set ($15) is a perfect addition to your summer vacation.

4. Tiny Stars

tiny star and moon tattoos temporary etsy
Finger tattoos are kind of a big deal right now - but also known for being a huge hassle to deal with in the long run. Mini temp tattoos like these from Etsy ($6) are all cute, no headaches.

5. Camp Adorable

camp temporary tattoos
Feeling nostalgic for the days of summer camp and friendship bracelets? This set ($6, Stoney Clover Lane) will take you right back to lakes and macaroni pictures.


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