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Happy 21st Birthday to 5SOS's Ashton Irwin

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Yesterday was an important day for 5 Seconds of Summer fandom. It seems that Ashton Irwin has a lot of fun at his b-day.

So where do I sign up for the senior benefits???

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika アシュトン A S H T O N (@ashtonirwin)

Ashton posted this photo on his Instagram, but senior?! Don't worry, Ashton! For us, you'll be forever young! Hope you have the best time of your life! Besides, every birthday is the beginning of something new. We wish 5SOS band member everything what's the best, and as he always says, "lots of love." Let your star shines forever! It's sad that #HappyBirthdayAshton isn't in Twitter's worldwide trends yet. Did fans forget abouth their Drum King? I don't think so. Maybe they just respect his privacy. I have serious hunches that some fans will meet Ashton going out with his friends (or maybe they've met him before? Oh, we should've checked Tumblr). Birthdays of celebrities have to be really cool. If I had a chance I'd party with Ashton all night, it seems to be fun. He knows how to rock the stage, so he also knows how to rock his life. Even if Ashton doesn't look very, very happy in this photo, I'm pretty sure that inside he makes glad. But be careful, boy; sometimes parties can end in a wrong way and we don't want anything wrong to happen to you!

Fandom loves you with all their hearts. It's great you live your life on your own terms.

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