Scott Disick's Ex-Girlfriend Being Bullied Online After Cozied-Up Vacation Photos

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It takes two to tango...And there isn't any solid evidence that anything actually even happened, but that hasn't stopped Kourtney Kardashian's fans from bullying Scott Disick's ex-girlfriend online after photos of her getting cozy with the reality star surfaced last week.

Chloe Bartoli was pictured getting too close for comfort with Kourtney's man (and the father of her three kids) and fans immediately took to Chloe's Instagram to attack her.

Comments have ranged from people calling her a "home wrecker" to much, much worse. For example, in one photo, where she is pictured relaxing in the ocean, someone wrote "drown b**ch."

Similarly, on a heartbreaking photo she posted of dogs tightly crammed in a cage in an effort to help put a stop to the Yulin festival, someone commented "that should be you in that cage."

Fortunately, there have been people who have brought out the other side of the story, in that Scott has just as much, if not more, responsibility in this situation AND that according to some reports, he was already technically single when he went on the trip. "Scotts f**king up is his own fault," one person pointed out. "It's Scott's decision to be with her, if anyone wrecked that family it's him," another replied.

"Woooah this is out of control. S**t happens," someone else chimed in. "Scott is the main one to blame in this situation. I am a huge supporter of Kourtney but Scott has never been truly good for Kourtney and he is the one that was in the relationship with 3 kids. @chloebartoli is single and free to do as she pleases. Give the poor girl a break."

Given that probably only Kourtney, Scott and Chloe know the entire story and ALL of the circumstances surrounding it, it's not really anybody's place to comment either way.
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