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9 Talvin Moments That WILL Make You So Happy You'll Cry

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There are so many famous celebrity couples - Brangelina, Jelena, etc. But, if I had to pick one, I would safely say that my favorite celebrity couple is TALVIN. They're cute AF, and I ship them so hard.

And it's Talvin, NOT Tayvin - I WILL fight you on this.

Here are nine Talvin moments that will just kill you. Like #RIPME.

1) Swan Goals

Taylor has NEVER posted a picture of her and a boyfriend on social media (and no, Ed and Taylor were never a couple, but #sweeran is a thing) before Calvin. Like, Ever.

Swan goals.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

2) Friendly Relations Between Scotland and America

This was posted on Taylor's Instagram over Fourth of July weekend, which she spent at her Rhode Island home with Calvin, among lots of other friends. SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

Friendly relations between Scotland and America. @calvinharris

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

3) Taylor's Cats

As all Swifties know, Taylor is currently touring for her new album, 1989. This was posted while she was somewhere on tour - Calvin the cat-sitter!

A video posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

4) Moment

Before Taylor and Calvin confirmed they were dating, Calvin posted this picture of Taylor's cat, Olivia Benson, on his Instagram. #ADORABLE


A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

5) The BBMAs

As usual, Taylor sweeped the Billboard Music Awards, with 14 nominations, eight awards and the premiere of her "Bad Blood" music video featuring Kendrick Lamar - all in one night. Taylor and Calvin sat next to each other and shared some PDA throughout the night.
2015 Billboard Music Awards - Backstage And Audience

6) #RecordStoreDay

Although there was no picture of the two of them together, Taylor and Calvin both posted pictures of their latest albums - Taylor's 1989 and Calvin's Motion - within hours of each other, with the caption "Record Store Day." Awww!

Limited edition vinyl copies of Motion out now for #RecordStoreDay

A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

Record Store Day:)

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

7) London Boat Ride

While Taylor was on the first European leg of her 1989 World Tour, she had a double date with rumored couple Joe Jonas (her EX!) and her friend Gigi Hadid, on a boat in London. There were numerous pictures taken of Taylor and Calvin hugging and cuddling together - so cute! Taylor's BFF, Karlie Kloss, tagged along as well - #5thwheel

Little known fact: Karlie is secretly an unofficial historian/London tour guide. Kind of.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

8) "She Cooks Too"

Before the Fourth of July PDA posts, Calvin posted this picture of Taylor cooking food on his Instagram. He captioned it, "She Cooks Too" and put three fire-hot emojis!

She cooks too 🔥🔥🔥

A photo posted by Calvin Harris (@calvinharris) on

9) Swan Squad

Basically a Swan Goals follow-up: Taylor posted this to her Instagram over the weekend, and if you look for her, you'll find her on a swan with Calvin KISSING his cheek! #RIPME

TBH, Taylor and Calvin are relationship goals, AND they basically slay life. They recently passed Beyoncé and Jay-Z for the highest-paid celeb couple! Slay? Slay.
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