This Poop Bag Is Your Next Music Festival Port-a-Potty

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It's no secret that waiting in line for a port-a-potty at a music festival is the absolute worst - especially if you've made the mistake of bringing rompers for your weekend wardrobe. Fear not! We may have a solution to your problem. Well, at least to the waiting in line part. The rompers you're just going to have to deal with. Beauty is pain!

Meet Peepoople, the company that makes bags for going to the bathroom. These bags are uber-high tech and have chemicals that break down your No. 1s and 2s and turn them into fertilizer. If you're super grossed out and wondering why the hell we're telling you this, think of the bigger picture.

Peepoople, despite its hilarious name, is actually doing some major good in the world. These bags offer better sanitation for "urban slums, emergencies, refugee/IDP camps, and schools in developing countries" all around the globe. The founder, Anders Wilhelmson, had this world-changing vision in mind when he came up with the idea, after learning that one child dies every 15 seconds due to lack of basic sanitation. Here's what he told Fast Company:

On a trip to India with his students, Wilhelmson met some women who told him that, while they could solve most problems in life, "the problems of their personal hygiene" were hardest. There weren't enough toilets. Wilhelmson then started to think of the bag- which he considers a sort of mobile toilet, something akin to what a cell phone is to a landline.

A decade later, Peepoople produces 80,000 bags a day. It has its own modern production facility, and capacity to go to 500,000 units daily if it wants. Currently, it sells to communities in Nairobi, Kenya, and Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and sends bags to refugee camps in South Sudan, Syria, Nepal, and elsewhere.

Check out the video for more information. If you'd rather wait in the bathroom line than use this high-tech alternative, you can still pay to support the bigger cause.


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