This New App Will Show You Who Unfriended You on Facebook

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File this one under ish just got real.

If you've ever wondered why your Facebook followers dropped and tried to find out which friends unfriended you, a new app has the answer. According to Buzzfeed, the app 'Who Deleted Me' will tell you which friend unfollowed you or if a friend just deactivated their account.

So, basically, if a friend is holding a grudge against you or someone you thought you were cool with deletes you as a friend, you'll be able to see it now (and vice versa). Gulp. This only works once you've downloaded the app, though, so if someone unfriended you before you've downloaded it, you'll never know.
It's safe to say this just took stalk mode to a whole other level. The app not only alerts you to shady Facebook friends, but also has a feature that lets you see the last time your friends logged on to the social network.

Not surprisingly, the app has been very popular since its launch in the last few weeks. So popular, that more than 330,000 of its 500,000 users signed up this month alone, and caused some outages due to the overwhelming popularity.
Thankfully, a spokesperson for 'Who Deleted Me' told Buzzfeed the site is working on those glitches to get it running smoothly again. Hopefully, they'll have the outages fixed soon. We've got some investigating to do.


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