Dad Finds Out Son Is a Bully, Makes Him Fight Pro Boxer

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Remember that old man haircut dads were giving their unruly sons a few months ago? This completely tops that.

After a father found out his son was bullying kids at school, he decided go in a different route than grounding him for eternity. Instead, he put his son in the ring with a professional boxer.

The son tries to put his best face forward as he attempts to fight the boxer, but, he quickly gets knocked to the ground. "Hit back tough guy," his dad could be heard saying near the ring, as his son struggles to get back in the fight. Soon, he does, and the boxer socks him again and again.

By the end of the fight, the son looks dumbfounded and sits down out of breath with a busted lip. It's clear this dad was not playing games with this one. While some may look at this as harsh, the truth is bullies suck. Who knows what the son was doing to the kids he was bullying at school or what kind of an impact that experience will have on them in the future.

We have a feeling the son will think twice about bullying anyone again – and that's exactly what the dad was going for.

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