Ed Sheeran To Star in Gruesome, New TV Show?

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You better prepare yourself to see more of Ed Sheeran. The ginger singer is not only dropping his own Katy Perry-style movie, but he's also apparently starring in a new TV show. Who knew Eddie was an actor?

He just revealed that he's secured himself his first acting credit and will appear in a new U.S. TV show, which he promises will be "gruesome."

He confessed, "I have an acting job coming out after July. I can't say too much about it because the pilot just got picked up, which is good, but it's a TV show."

Ed grabbed a role in the as-yet unnamed show because it's been penned by one of his pals. He told The Sun what we should expect.

"It's a medieval TV show and it's really, really dark. It's gruesome and it's going to be fine because my friend wrote it. He had a musician in his last show and I said 'Oh, did he audition for that?' and he said, 'No, but I just thought he would be good in it.' So I said, 'Can you put me in a show next?'"

This isn't the only big news Ed has dropped on us lately. Not only is his love life bumping right now, but he's also prepping himself for his big screen debut. Read about that, here.
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