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8 Lessons That 'One Tree Hill' Taught Me

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It's been three years since the last episode of One Tree Hill aired. Yet, still every second of it is carved inside our hearts beautifully and fresh. No TV series has taught me more than OTH has. It was one of the major inspirations in my teen years, so here are a few things it taught me:

1. Family always comes first.
Despite of all the drama between the parents and kids of OTH, at the end, they had each other's backs. From Brooke embracing Victoria Davis even after what she did to Dan saving Nathan at the end, every family moment made our hearts tear.
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2. Live your dream.
The OTH gang chose to never give up. Whether it was getting their soulmates (when Peyton didn't give up on Lucas even after his engagement) or getting their dream jobs (like Nathan, Brooke and Haley), at the end, they all were proud of the moments that led up to that.
one tree hill

3. Keep looking for the "right" one.
Although Nathan and Haley found each other in the earlier parts of their lives, the others had to wait and try every "wrong" one before finding their perfect match. It's not good to give up (or Quinn would never have found Clay!).

4. Stick up for your partner.
The main lesson it taught me was to respect your mate's dreams and to buck them up. Even after all the distances and grief they had to go through, Nathan and Haley as well as Brooke and Julian still appreciated each other's love for their work.
One Tree Hill

5. No one has to be hammered for her mistakes.
Yeah, we all make mistakes (not like killing your brother, but still), but we all deserve a second. 'Cause all the anger can vanish one day but regret won't.
One Tree Hill

6. Always keep a bestie at hand.
Even after all the fights, Peyton and Brooke pushed every crap aside and stayed on the top of my fav-besties list.
One Tree Hill

7. Don't be afraid of who you are.
Despite of all the frustration and struggling they all had to go through, all the OTH cast - even Alex - raised up to be the ones we are all proud of.
one tree hill

8. Miracles happen.
when we all thought Peyton wouldn't survive childbirth, Brooke would never have kids, Dan wouldn't find peace (and Chad M. Murray wouldn't return), they all taught us to believe in our wishes as the world is full of magic.
one tree hill
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