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6 Beauty Resolutions to Make This Summer

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Summer is here, and the heat is wreaking havoc on our skin. Here are a few things to maintain your complexion's glow:

1. Make sunscreen your BFF.
Sun used to be friendly in the really, really old days - now, it isn't. Keep your sunscreen bottle at hand to shield yourself from wrinkles, dark spots and sun burns.
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2. Say no to makeup.
Let your pores breathe this summer. Keep yourself away from the pore-clogging powders and cleanse your face at least twice a day.

3. Say yes to water.
Drink at least glasses of water daily. Not only does it regulate your blood flow, but it filters bad things out of your body, leaving our skin glowing!

4. Scrub it off.
Fruit scrubs (homemade are much better) help cleanse your skin deeply, taking off the oil, grit and dead cells, making your skin beautiful.

5. Kick the sugar.
Not only does sugar give you cavities and makes you fat, but it is a fuel for cancer cells. Minimize your sugar intake to a few grams per day because if you're healthy, your face stays happy!
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6. Have fun.
Summer is a great time to take a break from all of the fuss and chill. Head off to the beach or pool with friends'n'family (and don't forget to join a craft club). Do what your heart says cause summer comes only once a year.
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