Harry Styles Falls on Stage at One Direction Concert: Videos and Memes Follow

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It's already been established that Harry Styles is adorable no matter what he does. Check out his latest slip up though - falling on stage during their OTRA San Diego concert, where he's the equivalent of a goofy little cartoon teddy bear.

The best thing is that multiple Vine videos of Harry's tumble capture the moment from a variety of angles. Score one more for the internet!

Harry goes down with an uncooperative mic stand while fist pumping along to the beat, but rather than let go when things get dodgy, he tries to steady himself and takes a totally cute spill to the ground.


Of course, he carried on with the show, not any worse for the wear, though his ego was a bit smashed. Afterwards, Harry told the crowd of adoring fans: "Physically I'm fine, emotionally I'm bruised. If anyone had a video of that... just delete it."

Um. Right. You can bet no one deleted that magical footage.

While Harry didn't address the tumble on Twitter, his sister Gemma did: And, of course, the inevitable memes/Photoshopped pics followed (gotta love 'em):
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